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List of Publications:

A Abramson*, AR Kirtane*, Y Shi*, G Zhong, J Collins, S Tamang, K Ishida, A Hayward, J Wainer, NU Rajesh, X Lu, Y Gao, P Karandikar, A Wahane, D Reker, MR Frederiksen, B Jensen, R Langer, G Traverso. “Oral mRNA delivery using capsule-mediated gastrointestinal tissue injections.” Matter, (2022). (Link). The Economist Coverage

A Abramson, C Chan, Y Khan, A Mermin-Bunnell, N Matsuhisa, R Fong, R Shad, P Mallick, W Hiesinger, SS Gambhir, Z Bao. "A flexible electronic strain sensor for the real-time monitoring of tumor progression." BioRxiv Pre-print. (Link).

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X Guan, H Chen, A Abramson, H Man, J Wu, O Yu, BJ Nikolau, “A phosphopantetheinyl transferase that is essential for mitochondrial fatty acid biosynthesis.” The plant journal 84.4 (2015): 718-732. (Link)

Book Chapters:

E Gultepe, Q Jin, A Choi, A Abramson, DH Gracias, “Miniaturized Untethered Tools for Surgery.” Micro-and Nanomanipulation Tools. (2015). (Link)

Invited Talks:

2021 University of Washington, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

2021 USC, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

2021 Texas A&M, EnMed Program

2021 Dartmouth University, Thayer School of Engineering

2021 New York University, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

2021 Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of Chemical Engineering

2020 MIT Faculty Forum: Alumni Edition. Webcast

2020 Stanford Diabetes Research Center: Monthly Seminar in Biotechnology. Palo Alto, CA

2019 Diabetes Technology Society Annual Meeting. Bethesda, MD

2019 Stanford Wearable Electronics Initiative Seminar. Palo Alto, CA

2019 Eli Lilly: Spotlight Speaker. Indianapolis, IN

2019 BioACCESS Global Health Seminar. Cambridge, MA

Conference Proceedings:

A Abramson, E Gultepe, S Pandey, DH Gracias, “Pollen inspired microscrapers for minimally invasive statistical tissue sampling.” 2018 IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) (pp. 357-361). IEEE. (Link)

Selected Patent Applications:

Flexible Electronic Strain Sensor for the Real-time Monitoring of Tumor Progression,” 63/230,428

Silicone Valve API Compartment Sealing Barrier,” 16/619,579

Tissue Anchoring Articles, PCT/US2018/033204

Components with High API Loading, PCT/US2018/033193

Self-Righting Articles, PCT/US2018/033183

Self-Righting Systems and Related Components and Methods, PCT/US2018/033217

Self-Righting Systems, Methods, and Related Components, PCT/US2018/033210

Self-Actuating Articles, PCT/US2018/033187

Quick Release Capsules, U.S. Provisional Application No.: 62/672,841

Systems for Electrical Stimulation, U.S. Provisional Application No.: 62/672,926

Actuating Components and Related Methods, U.S. Provisional Application No.: 62/767,710

Single Administration, Multi-Dose, Multi-Therapeutic Capable Delivery Platform for Veterinary Applications, U.S. Provisional Application No.: 62/771324

Sudsy Water Fixture, US 20150315771A1

Potential Conflicts of Interest:

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